Sundin playing Poker- Highly unlikely for training camp

Mats Sundin will be on, that is the big press conference for tomorrow, hey a guy has to eat!

Anyway, Dreiger has stalled most of the show waiting for Sundin to appear…

Dreiger did say that Garth Snow of the Islanders is really pushing hard for Sundin.

Sundin came on, here is a brief summary:

Sundin, hasn’t been made up his mind. He isn’t ready to make up his mind. Highly unlikely he will be able to make a decision before training camp starts.

He was hoping to have been able to make up his mind. He is trying to enjoy the summer and relax and hang out with his family, trying to make a decision.

Little chance a decision is coming any time soon. He is not ready mentally or physically to decide if he wants to get ready to play.

Has been working out, he hasn’t trained as hard as he has in the past…hasn’t skated at all this summer…
what does it say that he hasn’t trained that hard? He doesn’t know.
H has no feel for what he wants to do at all.

He was asked if he was disappointed that people are wondering why he hasn’t decided to play…
Sundin said that no matter what he does people will judge. He said that he is 37 years old, he makes his own decisions, he is entitled to make his own decision. If he is not ready, then he hopes people understand.

He was asked if he was wrestling with retirement and would he come back midway…
First decisoin is to play or not play. He has to commit to training and get ready. He has to do a lot to get to that point- and he is no where near that place yet. He hasn’t I looked at any options with playing….he has to get past the first decision.

Dregier of course tried to slam the leafs, asking if the pressure to waive his ntc had any impact on his inability to make a decision, he then asked Sundin if it his loyalty to the leafs that was preventing his decision-
Sundin said, no, not really. This is a very hard season for all of us including fans, Leafs haven’t made the playoffs in 3 years and that is not acceptable. The NTC and the pressure of being a leaf has had no impact on my decision at all.

Sundin was asked if you decide you want to play again, will you annoucne that only when you have a deal done or will you announce it when you are open to offers…

Sundin, I haven’t thought about it. I am not at a point where i can decide.

Sundin was asked what the odds of him playing hockey
Sundin wouldn’t answer, I am not playing games, just cant decide.

Dregier and Wilbur both say they don’t think he is going to decide any time soon.

Dregier says McCabe deal for Van Ryn isn’t done yet.

have a listensundin on leafs lunch

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