Tom Cheek- Vote now, vote often

Off all the guys involved with the Jays since inception, there is no doubt who owns the moniker Mr. Blue Jay, and that is Tom Cheek.

Growing up a Jays fan, I used to turn the volume down on the tv and listen to Tom and 1430.

Tom was the man, and he needs your help.

Every year he gets pretty close to making it the Hall of Fame….but finishes just a tad short….

So, please, please, please, visit and bookmark the following website and visit it daily for the rest of the month to get your vote in for Tom Cheek….He deserves it


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    Everyone that reads this post should send the link to at least 10 people….Tom Cheek was great and apparently a great guy….I too listened to the radio while watching.

    I hope Gerry points listeners to the link during games as well…


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    it’s a damn shame Cheek isn’t in the HoF…hopefully we can get him there…

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    I am happy to vote for Tom Cheek. Yes he should be there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would actually put the link in this article so we could do it. Tom deserves that too. Some of us aren’t computer whizzes…. help us out!!!!