Leaf’s Lunch talks to Jason Blake and D- Asweome Video

Wilbur and Dreiger had nothing of real interest to say today…yawn…

Jason Blake was on and he said all the right things….He did say, for the first time that he wasn’t right last year, for health reasons (and who can blame him). He said there were times he didn’t want to go to the rink etc. He was asked what would be a good season for him this year and he said 25 goals. He didn’t say he would score 25 goals, rather that 25 goals would be a good season. The only interesting point was that he said he was probably a bad teammate because of the health reasons (a point Howie has made numerous times)

The boys did talk about what is in store for the blueline…. the alluded to the fact that Wilson’s goal is to take pressure of Vessela

Kaberle- staying for now- they tried to trade him once and he wouldn’t waive – if they want to move him and he agrees he has value.

Kubina- appears to be Wilson’s pet- could have traded him to SJ at the draft- Wilson talked him out of it.

Finger- Solid but overpaid D. Lots of GM’s said he was most improved D in the 2nd half of the season. He is what the leafs didn’t have last year- looks after his own zone and he hits players. Has to absorb some of McCabes minutes(not all of them). Wilson has to convince Finger to play Finger’s game and not to play to his salary, which is what Kubina did early.

Van Ryn- if healthy can throw up the numbers. 4th D at worst

Carlo- if healthy is 5- they have to teach him how to play the game, less kamikaze –

Anton Stralman is 6- didn’t say too much

Ian White is 7- filled a need, just ok- told their is interest around the league for him. If he sticks with the leafs it is because the other kids didn’t make it.

Jonah Frogren- Solid D- like Stralman, solid d, moves puck well, he challenged Canada’s top forwards- hard to beat one on one..Was great against Vinny. Big disappointment if he doesn’t make it.

Didn’t say anything about Schenn.

Anyways- here is your video of the day- a classic reminds me of Indiana Jones.


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