You can’t make this stuff up-

I have said for a long time, that, collectively, there is no dumber creature on this planet then the professional athlete (with tongue planted firmly in my cheek).

So, for today’s example, I present ex Detroit Lions running back (NFL) Tatum Bell.

You see, the Lions had flown in Rudi Johnson to meet with the staff before signing him. Johnson was in meeting with the Lions CEO Matt Millen (hold your laughing pls) and left his luggage outside of Millen’s office.

Once he was signed, and now a member of the Lions, he left, with Millen to find his stuff GONE…

Again, I am not making this up.

Neither Johnson nor Millen could find Johnson’s stuff.

A looksee at the Lions security camera found that Mr. Bell, who as a result of the signing was now an ex- Lion took Johnson’s stuff. The whole thing was caught on camera. Bell allegedly took the stuff to a “female friend’s” house (cause we all have one of those right?) and asked her to stash this bag.

It gets better. Bell claims it was a mistake and that he thought it was the females friends stuff (sitting outside of Millen’s office)—again, stop laughing….

The female friend,always the model of reliability in these situations, claims that she hadn’t seen or heard from Bell in months and that Bell showed up unannounced and asked her to stash the bag until further notice….

Leading once again to the conclusion that collectively, there is no dumber creature on this planet then the professional athlete.

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editors note- here is an update..

more evidence:

“March Madness heroes Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur were thrown out of the NBA’s rookie transition program on Wednesday morning after being caught in their hotel room with marijuana and women, according to several sources.”

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