Maple Leaf Numbers

With a lot of new faces, lots of folks out there are going to be scrambling for programs to see who is who. Our pally Howie came through for us all so here you go:

31. Curtis Joseph, G.

35. Vesa Toskala, G.

4. Jeff Finger, D.

7. Ian White, D.

8. Carlo Colaiacovo, D.

9. Mark Bell, F.

10. Alex Steen, F.

11. Jiri Tlusty, F.

14. Matt Stajan, F.

15. Tomas Kaberle, D.

16. Niklas Hagman, F.

19. Dominic Moore, F.

21. Jamal Mayers, F.

22. Boyd Devereaux, F.

23. Alexei Ponikarovsky, F.

24. Jonas Frogren, D.

26. Mike Van Ryn, D.

36. Anton Stralman, D.

41. Nikolai Kulemin, F.

44. Ryan Hollweg, F.

48. Jeremy Williams, F.

55. Jason Blake, F.

77. Pavel Kubina, D.

80. Nik Antropov, F.

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