Richard Griffin’s Blog Rocks!

People may not like him, but man the guy’s blog is good reading!

A writer writes about the possibility of Carlos Delgado coming back. Recall that when J.P. took over one of his first comments was calling Delgado’s contract an albatross:

“J.P. should have studied the original poem more closely. In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the protagonist kills the magical albatross (a big sea bird) and all hell breaks loose on his boat. These words from an opium-addled Coleridge conclude Part the Fourth.

“And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.”

That verse, in Jays’ terms, would correspond to about the time that Carlos left T-O to go to the Marlins. From that point on, in S.T.C’s poem, it begins all spiraling downhill for the Ancient Mariner. For J.P. was it a case of life imitating art?”

How great is that????!!!!

Then a writer asks whether Cito Gaston deserves credit for AJ Burnett going 10-3 since taken over the managerial role. The writer cites Doc’s 8-3 record as a further evidence of Cito’s effect:

“Let’s take Halladay out of this equation. Doc could be 8-3 under Rich Stubler, he’s so focused on his own job.”

What a great opening line to the response! There is lots of insight there for you to read.

I have said this before, but Griffin’s work on his blog is fantastic, I really wish his columns were as colorful.

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