Some Random Thoughts…..

Was listening to the Jays game on the radio last night (Friday). Joe Carter was on. Of course they played Tom Cheek’s famous call of Carter hitting the walk of dinger off of Mitch Williams to win the world series. I have to admit, listening to the call again sent chills up my back.

Carter was very funny in the booth with Asby and Howarth. He kept trying to get Jerry to say “hooking, hooking, hooking….”

Now that Mats is gone back to Europe, anyone else want to bet how long it takes until we read something like this?:

“A source I REALLY trust, who has been bang on ALL along with Sundin tell me that a decision is coming very soon, and it will really surprise you.”

For my two cents, if I never another word about the guy until he actually announces a decision that will be soon enough. I really think he should retire.

Pierre McGuire was on with MacLean and Armstrong yesterday afternoon. I am not a huge fan of the guy who goes overboard on everything. However, Pierre’s dad recently died and one has to feel badly. It was amazing to hear however of the league support for Pierre and his family from all over the league. He said that included in the list of attendees at the funeral were both Bettman and Daily. It goes to show you that there is still lots of class in the NHL.

Did you hear that Tim Robbins, the factor from my favorite movie of all time (Shawshank Redemption) was supporting a tee-shirt that said Hockey Dads for Obama at the charity event at the ACC yesterday.

On that subject, how pathetic was Rosie’s rant in the today’s Star on Hockey Mom Palin??? What a joke!

I took my son to our first TFC game at BMO field. What a great experience. It was like being at a much smaller version of a US college game. People standing, cheering, drinking and then having to explain to my almost 6 year old son what a douche bag is. Ahhhhh, the times he will remember!

On the subject of my son, his first session of tyke hockey started this am. Kudos to the one ice instructors, trying to teach kids this age to skate isn’t fun. Face slap to the parents sitting in front of me who were yelling at their 5 year old to skate faster….New alert, he is 5! Let him have some fun out there…and we wonder why NHL drafted kids are retiring before playing a single game due to burn out….

Happy first NFL Sunday of the 08-09 season! I hope your overs are over, your unders are under and of course that my dolphins are a tad more respectable.

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