Anti-Leaf Lunch

The more Bill Watter’s is on Leafs Lunch, the more I am starting to think that it should be called Anti-Leaf Lunch. Kudos to Darren Dregier for trying to bring some balance to the show. Dreiger even said on the air today, “we are starting to sound like a broken record when talking about leaf ownership and management”. Amen brother. MLSE has done dumb, stupid things…but for god’s sake move on!

Bill Watters, the guy who got fired from them just blames them for everything. It was funny to listen to at first, but is it just me or does he sound like a whiney baby?

Today Dreiger asked if it would be hard to get free agens to sign in Toronto? Watters, just can’t help himself, the answer is so predictable. He blames MLSE, for firing JFJ, for bringing in Cliff to clean up JFJ’s mess, for trying to get rid of the Muskoka 5….Yawn…Come out and say it Bill, you hate them because they fired your ass!

A caller asked about the Marlies. Once again, Wilbur attacked MLSE for pulling the team out the east coast. The caller, it should be said is a moron. The one thing the leafs shouldn’t be criticized for is being cheap, as this guy did. He said they won’t spend to win. The problem isn’t that they won’t spend, the problem is they don’t know how to spend properly. The leafs fork out a ton of dough, perhaps just not wisely. Wilbur knows way better then to actually say that having the leafs junior team in toronto is a good thing for the team. I know this is a hot button topic out east, as they lost their team and I respect that. However, the ability to have a player on the ice in literally minutes on a call up is a big plus. The effect on the leafs (or MLSE) because the building isn’t full, or GASP, because they are losing money on them is immaterial. Shouldn’t Wilbur be thrilled that MLSE is losing money???

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Jim Lawlor
Jim Lawlor
September 9, 2008 9:52 am

Ya know, when I heard Darren Dreger was taking over LL I was thrilled and thought I would go back to listening to it (I left it for 590’s Hockey show because of Wilber), but when I turned it on disappointment greeted me. There was Watters doing more name-dropping than ever before. His attempts to use english are laughable and, I agree, get rid of that anti-MLSE axe that he continues to grind. Well no more 640 for me. With any luck Kypreos will rip his head off during one of the game broadcasts and save us all from suffering his opinions.

September 9, 2008 10:17 am

Today is the litmus test Jim. Wilbur’s boy, is the head honcho of the Argos, who clearly have egg on their face today. I mean, the games are more empty then full, they give away tickets for free (god help us!) and the coach management picked got fired. All deplorable things that management of a team is to blame for, right Willie????

I mean if ownership screwed up the leafs, marlies, blue jays…then your son’s group clearly did the same for the Argo’s right????

All we will hear today on the Willie is drunk show is how great Matthews is…bank on it..

The Meatriarchy
September 9, 2008 11:04 am

I felt the exact same thing yesterday. The caller was a moron but what really was pathetic is that neither host bothered to point out that the Leafs have pretty much spent to the cap every year (and in pre cap days were one of the biggest spender).

Also the Baby Leafs were more or less forced out of St. Johns by the AHL because they were the only team left in Atlantic Canada and the cost of flying all the way out to the Rock with its notorious winter weather was really causing problems. That was the big impetus for them leaving. It wasn’t a Peddie plot was Wilbur suggests.

I feel bad for 640 they were smart to go head to head with the fan with both leafs lunch and the evening drive show. The problem is they picked the wrong talent. Wilbur has got to go. Lets hope that Dregier gradually gets a larger role and Watters can finally be carted off to the mental home.

September 9, 2008 12:41 pm

One has to hope/think that Wilbur will eventually really put his foot in his mouth and say something that will cost him is job.

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