Monday am

The Toronto Sun has a new website…it’s nice, but hey how could it have been worse. The big news is apparently that they are going to join this decade and start updating it 24/7. It’s about friggin time! As good as the site is, I am stunned they spent 20m on it.

Anyone catch the halftime show on NBC last night???? Talk about turning back the clock, Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman together, doing sports!!! OH man, how awesome??!! What a coup for NBC sports! By the way, is it just me or is Bob Costas using too much grecian formula????

The Ticats fired their coach, could the argos be far behind??

The Pats seem to have lost their QB, the league its MVP- not a good week 1 for the NFL.

I watched quite a bit of the Jets/Dolphins and the Bears/Colts games…it is so great that the NFL is back!

While on the subject of the NFL- get a read of this amazing post on the Detroit Lions, makes us Leaf fans feel all warm inside:

“Name me one franchise. Just one. In any league, anywhere. Find it and I don’t care where you look or what you reference. Look as hard as you want for as long as you want.

There is not one team, not a single one, as pathetic as the Detroit Lions. I have great sympathy for the die hards, and there are thousands. They’re crushed today, not so much because they expected the Lions to succeed, but because they’re disgusted with themselves for allowing optimism in their lives, as if Matt Millen or the Fords had left Detroit. ”

read the whole post here, and take comfort that in other leagues, die hards are suffering too

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