Newsday offbase on Leafs and Bolts~Hanky the mind reader

So Mark Hermann has decided to take a look at the NHL off season now that it is coming to a close and point out some winners and losers. Most are expected, included is the stab at the Leafs, but the banter that follow is not only lame, but purely moronic:

“Loss: The Maple Leafs have been in limbo all summer and they’re still over a barrel over Mats Sundin, who hasn’t made up his mind whether he is going to play with them, with the Rangers, with the Flyers or not play at all.”

There are lots of things you can say (and be negative as all hell too) about the leafs off season, but limbo??? They have added 10 players! Is that Limbo? They are stuck in a PR pissing match with Sundin, but I would hardly say he has held them up. Not once has Cliff said, if only we had an answer from Mats so we could do other things. Limbo??? Maybe, just maybe you should look at the facts before writing such a dumb commentary. If you want to bash the buds there is lots you can pick on…

it’s funny how he lists Tampa Bay as a winner, yet the folks who lay the dough in vegas have the bolts at 45-1 to win the cup (the buds are at 40-1 but who is surprised about that?) :”Win: Hockey could be hot in Tampa Bay again, what with the arrival of No. 1 lottery pick Steven Stamkos and new coach Barry Melrose. Check this: If you Google Melrose, you find a link to YouTube, showing a Melrose-Clark Gillies fight.”

Is anyone really surprised that Hanky got caught plagiarizing? We have been calling him a fraud for some time. The audasity of claiming a family emergency all the while positing on a message board. In any event, did you call his latest post this am….The amazing kreskin has actually made it into Sundin’s head to read his mind…:

“Although Mats is still largely under the belief that he is not going to decide until after camp starts I am hearing several murmurs that the Rangers are still trying to convince him otherwise and that the Rangers apparent cap issues are “completely manageable if need be.”

Although he is still under the belief???? Sorry, can’t stop laughing. “Sources in Mat’s head are telling me”…..

Simmons suggested it over the weekend… Has JP made it impossible to fire him now? I say JP’s future is tied to Godfrey’s. If Paul leaves JP is toast.

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September 11, 2008 9:35 pm

These guys used to be able to write and no one outside of the papers circulation would ever see it. The world has changed, and for the better.

The best story ever is when Mitch Album, the pride and joy of the Detroit Free Press got busted for writing an article about a game he wasn’t even at!

The good news is that sites like Spector’s and kuklas keep these guys a little bit honest. George Richards and Stu Hackell are also starting to write more review type pieces which should help clean up the industry.

The Leafs and we fans carry a big target. Their is a lot of jealosuy and hatred of team that sells out every night irrespective of success. The guys who cover some of the other teams are dying to get read. So with the net, if they go out and bash the leafs, they hope it gets seen like guys like us who will write them and increase their page views.

Keep up the fight…we will win this!

September 10, 2008 7:20 pm

All these other writers/reporters/columnists that don’t actually follow Toronto have simply jumped on the ‘Lets bash the Leafs’ bandwagon and there guaranteed to get a few extra hits/views on their site because of it.

They don’t even bother to research anything or actually do some real journalism. No really, why should they even bother? They just report the same trash that people want to read or expect now simply because it’s the new cool thing to bash the buds. And of course non-Leaf fans gobble it all up.

I have to believe real Leaf fans are getting as fed up as I am. And kudos for you all on this site and similar sites that actually try to put a positive spin on some of the things, the real things that are going on.

I’ll try to find that note I got back from Aaron Portzline from Columbus Dispatch when I caught him in full out Leaf bashing mode on one of his posts. He reported some very wrong stuff about the Leafs which I made sure to correct him and ask in his genius what would he have done that would be so much better had he been in charge. He actually wrote me back and apologized albeit somewhat like a ‘Damion Cox’ half-assed one. Of course never mentioned it again in another post about his ‘correction’ though, wouldn’t want to actully report something positive about the Leafs.

AHHHHH, one day my friends, one day. Keep up the fight boys!!!

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