Analyze This…Analyze That….Enough Already

You know, sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice just to be allowed to enjoy a game, a situation, a series without all the crap that follows?

The Jays just won 10 games in row, before losing last night(they are winning 6-4 in the 9th right now). Does it have to mean something? Do we have to analyze the meaning of the streak? Can’t we just enjoy it?

Damien doesn’t seem to think so. :

“The smart fan, of course, simply enjoys the 10 wins for what they were, a combination of skill and luck at a time of year when expanded rosters change the elements of the game to some degree.

Beyond that, this streak means no more than the 8-0-2 rush with which the Maple Leafs finished the 2005-06 NHL season.”

The guy always has to take his shot. Ya know, it doesn’t have to mean anything. We don’t need to be told it doesn’t mean anything. Why is it so hard to just tip your cap and say, hey, good on these guys. The streak led to the largest Jays TV audience in years, it meant that people were paying attention in September. That’s great! God forbid we should be left alone to actually enjoy some success enjoyed by one of our teams.

I have yet to hear this means that the Jays are a shoe in for anything. The only thing anyone has said is that they are closer then they were before the streak, and that its too bad they couldn’t have gotten off to a better start then they did. No one (save for Wilner who can’t help himself some times) is saying this team is awesome, unbeatable or going all the way…

Wouldn’t you love to be a kid growing up in Damien’s house. The sky is always falling, you can’t take one minute to enjoy anything you ever do, there is no such thing as sucess and shame on you for being a fan of anything….

Man oh man, enough already. Do us a favor Damien, go back to writing about the Leafs and the Argos…leave the Jays alone.

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September 12, 2008 3:56 pm

Two things:

1) Cox fails (again) to mention how those wins even came about, just so he can get his snide anti-Leafs flame attack. I would think tying a modern day franchise record with the Kansas City Royals (!) for most consecutive wins over +.500 teams is slightly different than your typical run-of-the-mill win streak. It’s almost as impressive as the strawberries and cream Cox indulges on at his “love” Wimbledon.

2) The only thing anyone has said is that they are closer then they were before the streak…

Nitpicking a bit here (since I’m a jerk), but the Jays aren’t that much closer to the BoSox, regardless of this recent streak. If I recall correctly, the Jays are basically as close to the Wild Card/AL East as they were back in July. The streak only maintained their place in the standing (barring the overtaking of the Yankees). The only difference is that the Jays have seven of their 11 or so games against Boston to close the gap directly, while back in July, they had 80 games to make up the same gap.

September 10, 2009 10:01 am

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