Hogan is a boob, Doug hears birds and Wilson prepares for shock

I made the mistake of leaving 590 on this am on the drive in.  I usually turn it off when the morning crew signs off, but I like Rick Ralph’s updates so I try to zap it when he is done.  Anyway, Hogan showed us why he is such a boob this am.  He was talking about last night MNF game.  If anyone, by the way needed an example of why the NFL rocks, show them a tape of last night.  What an amazing game.  Hogan was ripping in to Tony Kornheiser about his commentary last night.  First, Hogan isn’t in the same hemisphere as Kornheiser, so Hogan shouldn’t even go there.  Hogan’s comment was, how dare Kornheiser criticize Ron Jaworski on anything to do with a technical/football issue.  Why??? Well, because Jaworski PLAYED the game.  This is such a stupid comment.  The point Hogan referred to was when a guy made a tackle, Kornheiser called the play lucky and Jaworski tried to explain it through tackling technique.  First off all, these guys disagreeing makes for good tv.  Second the argument that because a guy played the game therefore he is omnipotent is crazy.  Some people have spent so much time around the game (whichever game you prefer) that they just know more then the guy who played.  Lastly, irrespective of technique, how often do we hear a player say, “no, I just got lucky”  For all we know the guy tripped and as a result of the trip he tackled the guy.  Don’t you notice how former goalies who are broadcasters always joke about goalies are never lucky, that every save is brilliant?  Point is, shit happens, I don’t give a broadcaster more credibility simply because they played the game.

Speaking of Rick Ralph, on his updates this am he is playing a clip from Doug MacLean’s show yesterday in which MacLean said that a birdie (and I believe his birdy as apposed to Hanky’s sources) is telling him that Sundin really wants to play for the Rangers.  The birdie isn’t sure how or when it will happen, but that if Sundin chooses to come back it will be for the Rangers.  Here’s hoping he is right.

Intriguing word from Ron Wilson this am:

“If there’s one area where I think we’re fairly deep, or relatively strong, it’s on the back end,” Wilson said. “These guys are going to compete and there’s probably going to be a shock or two at the end of training camp as far as who’s not going to be here, and Cliff (Fletcher) is going to have to make some decisions as far as where people play.”

Lets delve into this a bit…. I am going to say, I won’t be shocked that a kid makes the team ahead of a vet per se.  I will be shocked if certain vets don’t make the team.  For example, I know nothing about a kid named Derrick Walser.  I won’t be shocked if he makes it, I don’t know anything about him.  I would be shocked if Tomas Kaberle didn’t make it.  So, from my opinion, there is no reason to try and guess who would make it, rather who may not:

Kubina, Kaberle, White, Stralman, Frogren, Finger, Van Ryn, Colaiacovo.  Those are the returning “vets”  I would be “shocked” if Kubina, Kaberle, or Finger don’t make the team.  Kubina, simply because they could have traded him this summer and now can’t if he doesn’t wave his no trade.  Kaberle, despite him refusing to talk about not waving his no trade with Howie, nor the possibility of waiving it this year, it would be stunning if he weren’t here.  If Finger doesn’t make the team, well Cliff will “have some splaining to do”.  Colaiacovo and Van Ryn have injury issues, so if they didn’t make it out of camp I wouldn’t be “shocked”.  I am not that impressed with either White or Stralman, so it wouldn’t “shock” me if they weren’t here either.  Frogren is new to the NHL, so if he needed seasoning in the AHL, i wouldn’t be “shocked” either.

Whose absence would shock you?

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