Cito Extension = J.P’s Return? Not So Fast

Quick post, our Pal Richard Griffin has in his article today a story that is being picked up by most media outlets which states that Cito is about to get a contract extension which will be announced during this home stand.

“The timing of the Gaston news conference, during rather than after the season, confirms what sources have whispered. Ricciardi’s job as GM is safe for another year. If the Jays were going to replace Ricciardi, as had been under serious consideration, they would have waited until the new guy was in place. In the majors, the GM in most cases will make the announcement of his field manager.”

It’s says here, not so fast.  Remember the chain of command.  The President must first decide what he is doing.  As we have said before, Ricciardi’s future is tied to Godfrey’s.  Godfrey is on Off The Record tonight, at which time he will say the following as it pertains to J.P.’s future.

“If I do stay, it will be my call. If I don’t stay, I think it’s up to somebody else.”


“My contract comes up at the end of the year,” Godfrey said. “I have to discuss it with my family and we will decide then. I haven’t made up my mind whether I’m going to leave.”

So, there you have it.  Godfrey, unlike his manager has always been a straight shooter when it comes to these issues.  I believe him.  I also believe that if he stays, J.P. is safe.  If he goes, all bets are off.

Now, before you shoot me, read the rest of what I am going to write.  Growing up, Marty York was a pretty prominent member of the Toronto Sports Media.  The same doesn’t hold true today has he writes for a free daily paper with a relatively small circulation.  Anyways, Marty is the ONLY guy, who actually predicted or at least mentioned Cito as a replacement for Gibbons.  Yes, I know, I say it all the time, if you throw enough crap at a wall, eventually some of it will stick.  We dump on people for making shit up, so when a source like Marty gets this one right, and no one else had it, we give credit where credit is due. 

Why is this relevant?  Marty is now saying that he is hearing that Pat Gillick may be returning to the Jays in some capacity. Let’s hope he is right.  As we know in this city, you can come home again, and for Gillick, this is home!

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