Ron Wilson~ I like what I am hearing, but can he coach

Talk about a guy who says all the right things, Ron Wilson continues to impress the hell out of me. Lance (I am still on the Leaf beat) Hornby has in interesting post up on the buds as training camps approaches.  Get a load of these gems:

“I won’t allow the sideshow that sometimes occurs here with (players getting) different messages.They read and hear a lot of things, but we’re the people in the trenches with them.”

“I don’t want separate agendas, like ‘I’m going to get 20 goals’. If you do things right, the team wins and your personal goals will be met.”

“This group is starving for direction. They don’t want to be (failures).”

‘Different messages’ includes outside influences, such as the media and expectations that certain players must reach personal targets according to Wilson.

None of this is rocket science folks, it’s just plain common sense; stuff that has evaded the ACC for a long, long time and it’s very refreshing.  If he can coach half as well as he speaks, then the proper foundation is going to be laid.

Lastly, Wilson has created in his mind an “energy line: Centred by Alex Steen, flanked by Niklas Hagman on the left and Nikolai Kulemin on the right.  Interesting to say the least…

Link is here