Can the media stomach a rebuild?

You know, everyone I talk to and even the dough heads on the call in shows say the same thing about the leafs, in essence, we want the younger players to get a shot, to see what is there, we don’t want to get blown out and embarrassed at home but we have no problem with another losing season when it is part of a larger plan to build something good.

Seems simple enough to me. The question the media keeps asking is, are the fans going to stomach it? Ummm, yes, we have stomached way worse then we are going to see this year. At least this year we know there is a talent shortage. In the past we were sold a bunch of crap! The question is, in my mind anyway is can the media stomach it?:

Look at this from today’s Sun:

” Even NHL bad boy Sean Avery took a shot at the organization recently, rationalizing the Leafs’ decision not to pursue him in free agency over the summer by saying: “They didn’t seem to want me. I guess they wanted to stay in last place.”


No, not ouch, thank god. Why over pay for a guy who is going to bring marginal results in the grand scheme of things!

I ask you this, if the team looses every game they play this year (i know it won’t happen), the kids play the majority of the time and the kids get better, we finish dead last and get the first pick. Is any fan going to complain? Are you going to call for anyone’s head??? This team is supposed to be bad in terms of wins and losses. What will our friends in the media complain about??? Who are they going to run out of town? To be honest, they keeping if we have patience, truth be told, their very reason for existence is useless this year.

Button down leaf fan, its going to be stormy. I remember those nights at the Gardens, when Brophy was behind the bench and Val James was on the ice. At least this year we know it, they are selling it and finally it will lead to some good!

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