Wilson gets it….does anyone else?

you starting to see a theme yet?:
“Well, you guys are the ones on the radio every day saying the Leafs should blow this thing up and start over, and then you’re talking about how we’ve got to find a way to win within two weeks, and that’s not the way it’s going to be. We have to be very, very patient and build this the right way. And the teams that have won in this league didn’t win in three-week makeovers –it takes a while. This isn’t reality TV where you edit out everything and get a half-an-hour show on something that took five months. We’ve got to go through a process, and it might be painful. I hope it isn’t, but we’re prepared for all the bumps and pratfalls and potholes in the road ahead. I’m prepared for it, anyway, or I wouldn’t have come.”

Ron Wilson, at least so far gets it. He understands his situation, he understands the circus that is the press in this town and what the fans really want. You almost think the media is testing him, seeing if he is going to crack, or go back on his words. What do the media geniuses think, Wilson is going to say one day, gotcha! This is the most talented team I have ever coached, we are going to contend for the cup???? It’s just not going to happen, so stop asking the stupid questions…

“No predictions. The only prediction is that we’ll be a hard-working team. That’s one thing I can guarantee — we’ll work hard, every night.

Does anyone (Toskla) want more then that????? Not me!!

“Fine, good. Success for this team should be based on a different set of metrics: the installation of a defensive system; the creation of a winning culture, from the details to the big stuff; the development of prospects such as Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski and, in the unlikely event he makes the big club, Luke Schenn. But even the fact that the No. 5 pick is unlikely to be rushed is a good sign. Patience. We’ll all need plenty of it.”

That from Bruce Arthur from the post. I am soooooo confused. In the last 3 years (At least) this team sucked. That was with what we were sold as a ton of talent. Why, when we see the void of talent are we going to need patience. We know what is coming. We are prepared for it. We don’t want them to make a stupid trade to squeak in to the playoffs. We know there are no magic deals out there yet to give us 3-4 core players that we need. WE KNOW…We have said we want it, we know what it means, enough already!

I also love the quotes from the players….what are these guys supposed to say??? We are going to suck this year????

“I think we’re better than people think we are,” said defenceman Jeff Finger, one of the many off-season additions.” ummmm Jeff, do you think maybe you should have 1 practice or exhibition game before making the inane comment?

“”Unfortunately I’ve been through tough times, and I know how to deal with them.” said defenceman Mike Van Ryn, who came from Florida in the McCabe trade. “You’ve just got to tell yourself that the sun will come up tomorrow and work hard, and that’s all you can do.” That’s more like it.

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