Sunday am thoughts

Opening day of my hockey season, my daughter clearly was excited as she roamed the halls at 630 this morning.

Quote of the day come from Steve Simmons:

“Who kidnapped Mike Wilner and replaced him with a raving Blue Jays apologist on the post-game radio shows?”

Truer words haven’t appeared in Simmons weekly column in a long time. The other day Wilner had the gaul to say, yet again, that Cito hasn’t had much of an effect on the hitters, that the bats were “certain to come around for Gibbons too”. Compare that with the words of Jerry Howarth, who actually travels with the team (not that alone is reason enough to take his word of J.P.’s, I mean Wilners). Jerry comments on almost every broadcast about what a difference the entire team is under Cito…. I have to wonder if Wilner is the guy that Brady is always talking about when he (Brady) says that teams other then the leafs put pressure on their broadcast partners with respect to what they can say on the air…

Rosie DiManno is an idiot. I am sorry, but I am not sure what purpose her articles have, ever. One week she is yapping about VP candidate Sarah Palin and the next she is talking about Jeff Finger. Her article this morning is so outdated. There is not one piece of new information in it. The same story could have been written the day he was signed.

“His was a free-agent doozie deal, the most expensive of Toronto’s off-season acquisitions, even as many wondered if GM Cliff Fletcher had banged his head on a rafter or something for signing the relatively unknown blue-liner to a four-year, $14 million contract – a 733 per cent raise over Finger’s stipend as an Avalanche.”

uh huh, move along, we’ve heard this before, about a million times….

“There will be much curiosity about this particular addition in a season that has already been cast as woebegone, with few even quasi-luminaries in the lineup. Finger is all but guaranteed gobs of ice time. The anonymity he has enjoyed over the past month, since moving into a Toronto apartment close to the rink, will dissolve. Finger claims he’s game for hockey madness, T.O. style.”

Listen honey, no one is impressed with your 5 or 10 point words. This is sports. Write something smart, insightful, newsworthy, or here’s a novel idea…. INTERESTING. It’s amazing your columns aren’t any of the above. You go on the fan and prove that you are a moron. You have never made a comment (let alone written one) that gives me pause, causes me to think or had me thinking or saying , “she is right”. We are lucky in this city to have some amazing female sports journalists, you are an embarrassment to them. For every ounce of progress they make for women in sports, you are the anchor to the stoneage of a male dominated industry. Do us all a favor and stay out of the sports section. You aren’t controversial, entertaining or insightful. You are like parsley on the side of a plate, useless, only good to look at, except in this case, we can’t even say that….

Notice just one site keeps blabbing about a certain former Maple Leaf captain, everyone else has moved on (thank god)…ya think perhaps he is addicted?

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