Maple Leafs Home Opener: TSM will be there

Despite season premieres of CSI Miami (right Horatio is dead….) and Boston Legal (last one for Denny Crane 🙁 ) and of course another thriller of Prison Break, TSM, the voice of the people is going to take in tonight’s Ron Wilson coaching debut. Trying to get my hands on a camera so I can get you all some stellar shots of the new Buds. Word is that Wilson uses a tablet behind the bench and I am curious to see it.

Lots of new faces tonight, and of course my personal favorite Cujo.

Here is my bold media prediction for tomorrow:

If the leafs win, the story will be: Savor it, there won’t be more like it- or, Don’t get too excited it’s just exhibition.

If the leafs loose, the story will be: It’s going to be a long season, Finger is overpaid, Did Ron Wilson know what he was getting into, There were no free ticket holders at the ACC.. We told you they were going to suck.

I am sure I am missing some.

I will try to blog from the ACC.

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