Don’t look now, NHLPA preparing for war

Buried in the Business section of The Star (like anyone who reads the star actually looks at the business section) is a story that should cause NHL fans some pause.

Hargrove to help coach NHL union

Buzz Hargrove has been appointed to serve on a committee to advise the Union on collective bargaining issues. For those of us who actually enjoy the games, this is an ominous sign. For those who don’t know, Hargrove used to head up the Canadian Autoworkers Union and through many of his practices and tactics, many people point to him for many of the problems in the north American automobile industry. He is an absolute hawk and the fact that the union has retained in (in an unpaid position) speaks volumes of the their intent. Hargrove’s middle name is strike.

It’s too bad that Ronald Regan isn’t alive, the greatest moment of the late president’s term in office(in my humble opinion) is when he broke the Air Traffic Controller’s Union. It would have been nice for a guy like that to advise Bettman inc. on labor issues while Buzz is working for the PA. What a surprise that Glenn Healy, the Union’s director of player affairs, interviewed Hargrove prior to the hire.

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