The New HNIC Theme and What Would You do?

Here is it folks the new TSN version of the hockey night in Canada theme song, which friends (that I still have) can attest was the song in which Mrs. TSM and I entered into our wedding with.

To be honest, I don’t notice much of a change…

The press asked MLSE chariman this am, if he could buy a Cup this year in exchange for 5 years of a lousy performance thereafter (sorry I am still a lawyer) would he do it?

“We want to be absolutely competitive, super competitive each and every year. We want to see a consistently strong winning team over the long term. If it takes two or three years to rebuild this team, let that happen, to know that it’s going to be a strong contending team for 10, 15 years. It would be an interesting survey. If someone would say we would be we could win a Stanley Cup one year and go from first to worst and stay worst for a long period of time, would they actually take that? Or to be always be like a Detroit Red Wings, competing every single year?”

Bang on…I don’t want a one off year to be followed by years of mediocrity again! JFJ built a team for that and it didn’t work. There are no guarantees. How many times in the past did we hear, the leafs window to win is only so big, they have to try to win now, guys like roberts, sundin, nieuendyk, belfour were getting older so we should take out shot…. This team needs to bottom out and build up again. It is refreshing to hear ownership say it. The media, of course will turn this into they don’t want to win:

“Tanenbaum dropped by Leaf practice and said the public perception the billion-dollar company doesn’t care about winning is “B.S.” He says the Leafs rebuilding program is on track.”

I believe!!

Interesting post by Damien today in his blog:

“So Mats Sundin thinks the Maple Leafs will be “exciting” this season.
So exciting he’d rather watch from Sweden. I know, I know, what else is the guy gonna say?”

Exactly, no need to even comment on it…

“Strangely, some have argued that since the Leafs have depth and experience on defence, they may be well-suited to play this type of game. Depth and experience? Really? This is the same chatter we heard last fall when some suggested the Leafs had such depth on defence that they should trade some of it away to help in other areas.Now we’re hearing it again. Folks, it’s about more than just having lots of names.”

Ummmmmm, quick question, which of you fans have been saying this? That is what I thought. The “some folks” are his media brothers and sisters. Not one fan I know has made these moronic comments.

“It might be the weakest defence corps in the entire league. Certainly one of the weakest five. To use Ron Wilson’s methodology, figure out how many of Toronto’s defencemen could crack the lineup of the elite teams in the league, and you have a measure of how strong the Leafs really are at that position.”

Ok, so….who is saying differently??? Not I or you right?

My favorite part of this article though is in the comments:

“If you live in Toronto, and you follow hockey, but you don’t see this set of circumstances as being positive or exciting, well then you’re just a sad, morose person who can’t be encouraged about anything. Kinda like last year’s team. See the difference? Excited yet?

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Keep it up General!

Enjoy your Thursday afternoon.

P.S. for those that ask, NO… I AM NOT AM 640’s Jonas Siegel…. Our names sound a lot a like, but he is not I….

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