Watters and Brady on Yzerman, What a Joke

Let me make this perfectly clear, there is no one player who I have more respect for then Steve Yzerman. I lived in Detroit before the Wings went on their run. I saw what the guy went through. I remember when their was a rumor that Scotty was going to trade him to Ottawa. He was a phenomenal leader and an amazing captain.

He also has done an admiral job learning the ropes in management. The reviews have been without exception very good. The job he has done on the international stage has been superb. He will be an NHL GM one day. By the sounds of it, he even knows that to do so he may have to leave the one NHL franchise he has been with his entire life. I can tell you that when the happens, I will root for him. I like him that much.

Now, to the news of the day. If the Leafs management team had announced last spring, tomorrow or next spring that Steve Yzerman was the next GM of the Leafs, MLSE would be absolutely roasted for the choice. Newsflash here folks, the critics would be right. This franchise is not in the position to hire a guy with NO experience running an NHL franchise. Hello?????? we just went through this mess. The Leafs don’t have the ability for someone to learn on the job. They current ownership group blew that with JFJ. You know it, I know it and media knows it too.

Does that mean that Yzerman won’t be the next coming of Lou Lamoerello? Of course not. He may be the next best GM ever to walk the face of the earth. The Leafs can’t appoint him as GM in the same way they can’t hire Joe Nieundyk as the next GM, or Doug Gilmour as the new coach. That ship has sailed for now. So word that MLSE chairman said the Leafs wont hire Yzerman as the next GM is not a shock nor is it insulting. Oh and by the way, someone new at a job in sports is by definition a rookie. When Yzerman gets his first gig as a GM, he will be rookie GM Steve Yzerman. He will be allowed to and expected to make Rookie GM mistakes. It is no slight in calling him a rookie with respect to a GM role. He has never had a GM position, so his first one will be his rookie season.

Listening to Watters and Brady today was insulting to those of us with an IQ over 10. Wilbur can’t even describe his current status properly. He keeps calling himself a disgruntled employee. Hey Wilus, they fired your ass. You aren’t an employee and you were never disgruntled. You are a bitter former employee, with an axe to grind. No more, no less. It’s funny, down the dial Gord Stellick is also a former employee who was fired, his brother was also once a Maple Leaf employee. It’s funny how different his tone is. He is balanced, he criticizes when required but always balanced.

Brady is a shocker. The guy just came from Detroit. He was on the morning show on their own version of the Fan (WDFN). He had no problems only yesterday rejoicing in the firing of Matt Millen. Arguably the worst GM in recent sports history. Millen for those of you who don’t know was hired by the Detroit Lions seven years ago to serve as president and gm. Millen was a phenomenal player. After a storied career, he became a very good broadcaster, arguably one of the best in the business. As a GM, he was a total disaster. He made rookie mistake from the minute he took control until the time he was fired. Seriously, no joke. How Brady, who spent hours bashing the hell out of Millen can turn around and bash Tanenbaum for not wanting to hire a rookie GM is astonishing. Damien Cox was forced off primetime sports because his negativity combined with McCowan’s created an “unlistenable” product. The powers that be should learn from that. When he started Brady was a hell of a lot more balanced then Wilbur. He should go back to that form. I had some respect for him then, but very little now.

When the Leafs hired JFJ, the media bashed this shit out of them:

“When he took the job after the axing of Gerry McNamara in February, 1988, [Gord Stellick] was no more or less qualified to run an NHL club than John Ferguson Jr. is today.”

That was what Damien Cox wrote the day before JFJ was hired. At least JFJ had been the GM of an AHL team. Yzerman hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge done that. All the usual suspects bashed them for not taking Neil Smith, a more experienced GM. Do you think hiring a rookie GM this time around would be received any better especially given the JFJ fiasco?

Gotta love some of the meathead comments on this story in the Globe:

” D Man from Canada writes: You have to be kidding me. He doesn’t want a “rookie” . Stevie Y is in the top 5 most knowledgeable hockey people out there, and get so much respect around the league. If the next hire will be in place for 5-10 years, he would seem to be the perfect fit – a guy with instant credibility in the game that can grow stronger with the organization. Another indication that the leafs are going no-where with the upper level guys they have in place.”

The top 5 most knowledgeable hockey people out there…sorry, can’t stop laughing

“Dave The Rave from Ottawa, Canada writes: This is the kind of supercilious statement one can expect from the suits at MLSE. Enough said.”

What the hell does that mean?? Anyone impressed by the 10 cent word?

I think these are the same Einsteins who call in after games!

Question of the day for all of you out there….

Yankee stadium is perhaps one of the greatest historical buildings in sports history correct? How is it that the building will be demolished in less then a month without much fuss and the old Maple Leaf Gardens remains vacant, 10 years after the Leafs moved? Is Yankee stadium at the very least not equal to the Gardens in terms of historical significance or are our priorities just a tad bit screwed up????

I thought so….

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