Brady Speaks and Cox is Cox

Guess I got a little carried away last night. I mean, it’s bad enough when I have to suffer through 1 hour of Grey’s anatomy let alone two! Happy to have a Brady as a reader. As I have said time and time before, his co-host, is way over the top. His bias is clear and as a result his credibility takes a beating as a result. I do think Brady has it wrong with respect to Mr. T as he so eloquently referred to him as. I don’t believe (and no, I am not him) for one second there was any malice of intent in his use of the word Rookie. We leaf fans suffered through an inexperienced GM (JFJ) and I don’t have a problem with the Leafs not going that route again. As I said in the post, I think Yzerman will be a better GM then JFJ could every dream of. I think it is unfortunate that the JFJ experience tainted MLSE’s appetite for going with a candidate who has never been an NHL GM before… An open invitation to guest write on this site any time you so desire Mr. Brady…..

Now, back to the task at hand….

What kind of crock of shit is Damien spewing this am?????

“With Tanenbaum as chairman, the Leafs have, as has been the case for much of their history, squandered first round draft picks and prospects in search of the quick fix.”

He is right It is indisputable, the record speaks for itself. I agree. However, as Mr. Healy said on the Fan this am, With Tanenbaum as chairman, the Leafs have given their GM’s everything they needed to succeed. They spent up to the cap, they were able to trade draft picks and kids to win then at the sacrifice of now. When they dealt for Owen Nolan, Cox and the usual suspects said it was a deal the Leafs had to make. No one called out the deal for Leetch when they made the trade. Whether the money was spent properly or not (and that is not the boards job right, we want them out of hockey affairs) the GM had all that they ever could have asked for from ownership.

“Now, suddenly, it’s time to build slowly, carefully? The man’s found his new hockey religion?

Ummm yeah, what’s the point. The entire board has bought in. They went a certain way, it didn’t work, time to try the other way. Would Cox be happier if Cliff dealt this years pick for another Jason Blake type free agent? Should they continue on the JFJ path to nowhere???

“Then, to suggest Detroit executive Steve Yzerman couldn’t possibly fit the bill for a new GM because he would be a “rookie” was not only insulting to Yzerman, but given that the Leaf organization sought to hire a new GM in the spring and couldn’t find a single, qualified and acceptable candidate, nearly laughable.”

First, it isn’t what he said. “He said the Leafs will not be hiring a second consecutive rookie GM, given the team’s decline under John Ferguson, who was fired last January. “Steve needs to be a general manager some place (else),” said Tanenbaum, who stopped by the Leafs’ practice on Thursday. “We don’t want a rookie.”

I wrote above why the argument is flawed. More importantly, look again at what Cox wrote the day before JFJ was hired:

“When he took the job after the axing of Gerry McNamara in February, 1988, [Gord Stellick] was no more or less qualified to run an NHL club than John Ferguson Jr. is today.”

Cox would roast the hell out of MLSE if they hired a first time GM. He knows it, but he can’t write it because that doesn’t sell papers.

Then he throws out the best part, and I told you he would write this…
“The Leafs, with Tanenbaum as the corporate face of the franchise, have made a big deal about buying out expensive veterans in recent months, suggesting it’s a large sacrifice but one that must be made, while at the same time making sure it’s all paid for by icing a team that will spend roughly $10 million less on the maximum allowed on player payrolls this season.

Those of you who whom I am lucky enough to call an audience, who have read this blog from day one know that I have told you that if the Leafs don’t spend up to the cap, their will be hell to pay. Here we are 5 days in to training camp and there you have it. It is so predictable. If they spent the money on some older player they would get bashed. They over pay for a younger game named Finger, they get bashed, if they don’t spend it, they get bashed.

“Sadly, some fools find this chatter reassuring, as though their hockey team is finally on the right track with the right people steering the ship even though its the same people at the top who have been full of it time and time again.”

Prove to me that they aren’t on the right track. That is all I am saying. You are the President and CEO, you are the Chairman of the Board, you are the GM and you are the coach….In your little fantasy, what would you be doing right now???

I will tell you this. What MLSE is doing right now may not work. It may not produce a stanley cup. I can tell you this. My optimism as a fan of this team is way ahead of where it was last year at the same point. Last year we had a coach and GM living in lala land. We all knew they were full of it and their team would stink. Guess what, we were right. This year, at least they are younger. They don’t have any contracts that they are “saddled” with. Hell, they have a first round draft pick from this year who is actually in training camp. Luke Schenn’s presence and the absence of Tucker, McCabe, Belak, Wellwood, Raycroft alone makes me feel better, irrespective of where they finish this year.

Enjoy your Friday.

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