J.P. Ricciardi Isn’t A Liar, Because HE Knows The Truth

It’s an old story I know….

“It’s not a lie, If I know the truth”

I would love to say that the quote belonged to some great philosopher, but no it belongs to our Blue Jay GM.

Why the guy feels the need to continually lie is beyond me. Nevertheless, he did it once again yesterday, and again he got caught:

J.P. told the Blue Jay beat reporters Friday that he hadn’t talked to AJ Burnett’s agent.
J.P repeated the lie yesterday when asked again.
When the reporters told J.P. that AJ had already confirmed the meeting, J.P. started doing the backstroke on pace to best Michael Phelps!

“”We talked, but it wasn’t about money or anything like that.”

Done laughing yet???

it get’s better:

Asked what they had talked about, Ricciardi said: “Arkansas football. Just a visit. What do you want me to tell you?”

Here’s a novel idea J.P., start with the truth. Those in the city who hate you, sorry, those in the city who dislike you immensely (hate is such a strong word) do so in part because you act like a pompous ass. You blew most of your credibility when you had the nerve to utter that garbage about the lie. Yet you haven’t learned your lesson. Did your hero in Oakland not teach you the most important 2 words in a GM’s vocabulary? “No Comment”

It was funny to read Godfrey’s comment on J.P. that no one knows what a great guy J.P. is, how he is a family guy…etc….the reason no one knows that is because J.P. acts like a complete asshole to the rest of the world. He talks down to fans all the time. He spews words on the radio about other team’s players, he embarrasses the Blue Jays. If, as Godfrey says, the reason for this is that he is so emotional after a game, then don’t put the guy on the radio after a game. Do the show on off nights, or, don’t do the show at all. To continually have this guy speak on beahalf of the team is a joke. You can’t even say you don’t know whether to believe him or not, he has lied so many times he makes Tim Johnson look like a saint. We don’t believe a word that comes out of J.P.’s mouth anymore. I swear the guy probably told people it was his first choice to move the minor league team to Las Vegas. Do us a favor J.P. let Cito be the spokesperson from now on. When asked a question that you are tempted to respond with a lie (sorry, let’s be clear, an answer that YOU KNOW is INTENTIONALLY INACCURATE) take a deep response and say, “No Comment.”

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