Schenn realizes a dream early

I can’t speak for Luke Schenn. Hell, I am pulling a Mitch Albom, I am writing about a game I wasn’t at, even worse I didn’t see it or highlights of it. Oddly enough the barnburner between the Blues and Buds didn’t make it on to any airwaves here in Detroit this evening. Much of what I am writing about has come from fellow readers….

As a kid growing up I played ball hockey on the driveway and or street of my parents house all the time. Friends of mine, my brothers, cousins etc. Would come over and would play for hours. Someone would be Sittler, someone McDonald and so on. We would all call out game scenarios to make the game we were playing more important then of course it was. Inevitably, we all at one time or another made up the scenario where the coach picked us to take the penalty shot to end game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Of course right??? We all did that right? Even today I hear my son playing on his DS or in our driveway setting up the scenario in which he is the ultimate hero…and he is only 6.

One has to assume that for Luke Schenn, a small part of that dream for all of us was realized tongiht. I know, it was nothing more then a meaningless exhibition game, but still with the game on the line, and it was an NHL game, the coach looked down his bench (like he did in all of our dreams) and called Schenn’s name….Schenn returned Wilson’s back scratch by filling the net with the rubber to give the Buds the victory. Good for both of them. Good for Wilson for rewarding the kid for a solid night and good on Luke for paying the coach back.

I still think Schenn plays 10 games here and then goes back to junior. It is nice to see we may actually have a real prospect in the system.

How nice was it to see these quotes from Ron Wilson tonight?:

“we practiced shootouts today………against legacy, you want shooters that shoot right”

Refreshing to see that Wilson is actually doing some coaching and is also prepared for games the way a coach should be. Too many nights in the past the buds went into these scenarios blind, with the same guys going to shoot becuase Maurice had his favorites….

So a meaningless game with some nice takeaways despite blowing a third period lead…

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