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What are GM’s doing at the 10 game point of the season?

It's just past the ten game mark for most of the teams in the NHL now. Twenty teams have played at least ten games and the other ten are at nine exce [...]

A Player’s Perspecitve On Injury Disclosure

This is an issue that seems to be picking up steam. The fact that it gets under the beat reporter for the Leafs from 590 makes me want to write about [...]

An Open Letter to Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

Dear Most Valuable Losers:Yesterday, continuing a long-standing trend, another Toronto reporter took a cheap shot at Leaf fans. This time it was Howar [...]

Cliff Saying All The Rights Things

No, I haven't forgotten about Happy Howie---the wheels are in motion. Meanwhile..... Interesting quotes form Cliff on the state of the Leafs 10 game [...]


OK Leaf Nation, It's time. It's time we unite and demand that Roger's fire Howard Berger. His latest blog is repugnant. It is time we demand better. [...]

Conflicting Stories on Burnett

Some media outlets are saying that AJ Burnett will make his decision to opt out prior to the baseball meetings on Monday. Tonight his agent is singin [...]

Changes In TV Land, A Start, But Not Enough

The CRTC started down the right path, but veered off, again. On the sports front, it has leveled the ground for TSN and Sportsnet. TSN is now able t [...]

Jim Kelly Is A Beauty

Life Long Buffalo native who makes regular treks up to Toronto to sit next to McCowan certainly knows where and how to take his shots: "Lecavalier, w [...]

Burnett To Opt Out By Monday….

AJ's agent told ESPN that AJ will decide whether or not to opt out of his contract with the Jays by Monday. Unless his agents are totally incompetent [...]

Great Maple Leaf Quotes From ESPN

Of course, we have to rely on ESPN these days for some decent journalism around the Buds... "The one thing about Toronto, there's always exaggeration [...]

Berger Needs An Enema

"Are Leafs Peddling False Hope Once Again?" "In a carefully crafted effort, the Maple Leafs have hyped and boosted rookie Luke Schenn in virtually eve [...]

Dreger Responds to Happy Howie

Hmmmm, I just finished one post on gambling and the huge influence it has on sports and I see that Darren Dreger has posted a blog on the issue of inj [...]

In Neveda, The Philies Won Monday Night

Amazing the influence the betting world has on sports. Anyone who tells you differently is full of, ummmm Scmidt! Anyways, while the sports fan worl [...]

Shootout Win!

Oops Moore didn't get to shoot in top 3, khulemin did (and missed) as did Steen...and Kaberle scored! Elias scored for Devils... On to next round... [...]

Oh Oh ….headed to shootout

Cujo in????Doubt it... Interesting to see if Wilson changes up his shooters... Moore has looked great of late he deserves a shot...Mcguire likes Staj [...]

Leafs kill Schenn’s penalty

Just into the OT luke got called for playing with a busted stick. Amazing powerplay by the Devils...equally amazing kill by the buds on to shootout? [...]

OT in leaf game

Fun game to watch, had lots to offer for everyone...5 - 5 here we go with OT [...]

Batlle For Toronto Sports Fan

Pretty funny listening to the Fan and Talk 640 duke it out these days. Kudos to 640 for great numbers in their most recent books, giving 590 a run fo [...]

Phillies Win World Series

Lots of drama...congrats Pat Gillick, and Jimy one M Williams... Final out Eric Hinske struck out [...]

Ouch 5-5

Man did Steen blow his coverage on that goal! [...]
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