Is Mark Bell Done As a Maple Leaf?

Not much of interest in scribes today..even Simmons bored me, except for this:

“Mark Bell is all but done as a Leaf. But because of his $2.5-million US salary, he basically is impossible to waive or trade unless the Leafs eat some of his contract” ..

Ok, I get the can’t trade him part. Why does his salary impede waving him. Am I crazy or if Cliff puts him on waivers, when he clears, the leafs can put him in the minors and his salary comes off the Leafs cap. Should they recall him or place him on re-entry waivers then should another team claim him the leafs would be on the hook for half of his remaining salary. At worst he is in the minors, at best someone claims him (unlikely)

What am I missing? In this instance not even Howie can jump and down about the effect this would have on free agents, Bell was a must take in the Toskla deal…so no FA harm here right Howie?

By the way, driving north on Spadina Friday night, just north of St. Clair I almost ran over the late night vampire….yup Norm was running to catch the red rocket when he darted in front of the tsm mobile wearing his Tampa Bay Rays jacket….looking pretty nifty Norm, what a mess of the mini it would have made.

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