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They write it, say it all the time. Toronto fans won’t stomach a rebuilding process. We all know that is bullshit. What we didn’t know, at least I didn’t, is that it is the Media that won’t stomach it. Clearly, where the fans so far have the right perspective, it is the media that seems obsessed with the lack of performance so far.

Look no further then happy Howie’s last 2 blogs posts. I have a new nickname for Howie, It’s Lynette Scavo. For those of you who don’t suffer with their significant other through Desperate Housewives, here is a good quote about her from the actress that plays here “She used to see herself as a career woman, and a hugely successful one at that. She was known for her power lunches, her eye-catching presentations, and her ruthlessness in wiping out the competition. But unfortunately for Lynette, this new label frequently fell short of what was advertised..” You can read more about Lynette here :

Lynette’s blog yesterday about the loss on Saturday was stellar.

“Leafs Lose At Home To Grand Rapids”

Howie starts early this time. He can’t even blame his paper for writing the title as the scribes do, it’s his blog he wrote it.

“The usual mantra of Leafs Nation at this time of year — “Hey, it was only an exhibition game” — has one more day of shelf-life before fresh excuses are required to explain fiascos like Saturday night’s loss to a glorified Detroit farm team. This embarrassment, at the Air Canada Centre, occurred at a time when the Maple Leafs should be rounding into so-called regular-season form. Then again, given how the multitudes have predicted such form to resemble what we saw on Saturday, perhaps the Leafs are performing to expectation.”

One- the mantra isn’t it is exhibition, it’s were supposed to suck. We have a new coach with a new system, no time to practice it and a ton of new players dipshit! So losing at this point of the season is not an embarrassment. How should a team with all that is new be rouding into regular season form, also, the form predicted is basically what the exhibition laid out. 2-6-1. That is about right. Hell in his blog today he predicts they finish 31-43-8….

“Nor does it jibe with the one promise Wilson has made about his initial season behind the Toronto bench… that his players, regardless of the opposition or the odds against winning, will not be out-worked.”

This has been a brutal exhibition schedule. Everyone with a brain has reported it. Also, Wilson in all due respect hasn’t had a chance to start to work on everything. More so, he said he hoped to have a system in place by Christmas, not the 6th game of an insane exhibition schedule.

“But, the Leafs will be thoroughly humiliated this season on nights when they show up without their work-boots. As they did through most of Saturday’s tilt with the quasi-Red Wings.”

Which teams wont be???? Again, a loss in the exhibition season isn’t humiliating.

Fast forward to today’s post:

“With an unimpressive and exhausting 2-5-2 preseason schedule finally over, it is no less apparent now than it was during the summer which areas will be most challenging for the Maple Leafs. A smarter, more energetic performance against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday was ruined by yet another late-game implosion — virtually a replay of the Leafs’ fold-up in Buffalo eight nights earlier. But, this should come as no surprise to new coach Ron Wilson; any of the returning players from last season, or the multitude of Leaf fans that live and die with every result.”

Unimpressive and exhausting….What exactly was he expecting? Would it be better to be 9-0? Or 0-9. Would he be happier if they were 2-5-2 yet lost all their games early in the first period??

“You’d think the scope of re-tooling over the summer might have eradicated the tendency, but apparently not.”

Give the coaching staff a little bit of time. You don’t change the entire culture by getting rid of a few guys, Wilson and Fletcher didn’t promise over night change, in fact they promised a long season which may include a step back!

“I think with Ron and his coaching staff, eventually — perhaps in a month or two — we’re going to be a pretty sound hockey club in our own end of the rink, and fairly stingy in what we give up. But, goals come from skill and talent, and we’ll have to see where that takes us.”

You quote Cliff, yet you ignore the message!

“The Leafs’ biggest concern, as I’ve mentioned before, lies with the players that have been part of the team in the post-lockout NHL. They have grown accustomed to failure and must somehow be coerced into breaking old habits — many of which manifest themselves in the penultimate minutes of close games. Will incumbents such as Matt Stajan, Alex Steen, Nik Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Tomas Kaberle, Ian White and Pavel Kubina augment the new arrivals, or will they drag them down to familiar levels? That answer isn’t yet apparent, though the exhibition results did not supply a ton of promise.”

That’s fine Lynette, but do you think that a part of 9 games under a new coach is enough time to judge???

“Whatever the case, it all begins for keeps on Thursday night in Detroit. The Leafs should have close to a healthy line-up for their season opener against the defending Stanley Cup champions. Kubina will be ready to play after missing the last half of the preseason with a knee injury, and forward Dominic Moore should also be back. Defenseman Jeff Finger and rookie Nikolai Kulemin are the lone regulars that will likely not be available for the game at Joe Louis Arena.”

Unless Wilson is lying!!!

“My prediction for the Leafs in 2008-09: A record of 31-43-8 for 70 points, and a wonderful shot at winning the draft lottery. A full and final look at the upcoming season will follow.”

If you predict such futility, how exactly are you going to be so furious at the results at getting there?

you can read Lynette here

I am off to Seattle for a few days so posting may be limited….

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