Simmons ready to repent

Sitting aboard a United flight bound for Chicago enroute to Toronto. There is an airline more brutal than Air Canada, United. I swear they are going to start charging for air. They charge for everything else….what a dispicable excuse for an airplane I am sitting on right now.

Anyways, Simmons must be feeling like he has a lot of sins to atone for tonight and tomorrow. He wrote a decent piece on the leafs today.

His assesment is pretty accurate. Copy and paste it though folks as you know he will forget pretty soon.

Here is my favorite quote:

“Long-term, the lower the Leafs finish this season, the better it will be for their future. It’s in his best interest to lose. But typically, it’s hard to convince players and coaches they are playing for next year.”

Good news is, if the players are as mediocre as he predicts, there will be no worries.

Try to write from Chicago…

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