Maple Leafs Off On The Right Foot

One night does not a season make. So to yahoos who called in after the game proclaiming a playoff run as a result of this, give me a break. Meanwhile back on earth, let’s enjoy it. To the usual suspects, they beat the champs…fair and square, in their own barn on stanley cup banner night. They got an early lead and didn’t blow it in a game that wasn’t totally meaningless. That is a good thing. No more no less.

Have to admit, I liked Damien’s blog updates all night. Interesting to see how or if he carves the leafs or explains the victory away in a few days…for now, enjoy his commentary.

Highlight from his blog:

“Ferguson, the ex-Leaf GM, had to endure heckling from Leaf fans at The Joe during the second period. “Who let Ferguson in?” said one. “Fergie, I want a no-trade clause,” shouted another”


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