Al Strachan Comes Clean: He Can’t See The Game

In another useless blog on Fox sports, Big Al writes about the 5 ways Bettman should improve the NHL.

This one is by far the best:

“Move the press boxes closer to the ice. Hockey is incredibly fast, but because press boxes are as far from the action as they can possibly be, the game looks slow. Many American writers are new to the game and aren’t aware of the speed at which it is played. If they were, they would write in more glowing terms. Since basketball takes this approach, it’s surprising that Bettman hasn’t mandated it.”

So it’s just for the new American’s to the sport eh Al? There is next to no chance of this happening. Where would they put the pressbox and who is going to pay for the lost real estate in moving some seats to accommodate the pressbox? If I was going to list 100 things that need to be changed this wouldn’t crack it.

His number one is classic too, “Get a better TV deal”, yeah, like I am sure Bettman and co haven’t thought about that yet…I am sure they aspire to have the worst TV deal in pro sports. Don’t you think that if they could do better then their current deal they would????

Al, do us a favor, go back to doing what you do best….which is what you do in between these usless posts, NOTHING!

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