Could the Maple Leafs Brass Be Together in Vancouver

Happy Turkey Sunday to all you fellow Canucks. Interesting read by Simmons this am. He suggests that Brian Burke has confirmed that Ron Wilson is on the short list to coach team USA at the next winter Olympics in Vancouver, Burke is the GM of that team.

Of course Simmons is hinting that by the time Burke makes the announcement next summer he could be the GM of the Leafs. Therefore, it is possible that at the Vancouver Olympics, that the Maple Leafs GM and head coach could be the top two guys on team USA…certainly a tad ironic.

Question is, I guess, are you bothered or conflicted by that? From my perspective it just makes the Canada v USA matchup that more intriguing. I think that we all already want a North American gold medal matchup, with the Leafs brass at the helm of team USA we would want it even more especially with the games in Canada for the first time that NHL players are involved.

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