Cox on Hollweig….I Agree

Don’t say it often, but Cox is right on with repect to the village idiot:

“Let’s be clear. This oaf on skates doesn’t score goals, or set up plays, or generate a forecheck or even protect his teammates. Ever since he’s been in the league, he has been known as a player who does one of three things every time he’s on the ice:1) Takes about 25 strides and charges an opponent.2) Leaves his feet to hit an opponent.3) Hits opponents from behind.He’s a dangerous, dangerous hockey player, and for all the wrong reasons.”

Cox thinks Cliff should waive or suspend him ASAP and I agree.

He also thinks the league should really throw the book at him, and I agree.

Lastly, and somewhat impressively he thinks he doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform and I totally agree.

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