Gibbons Gets a Gig

Kansas City has hired John Gibbons as their new bench coach…..

I know a certain reader who did the jig tonight….


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    That would likely be me, n’est pas?

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    torontosportsmedia13 years ago

    indeed! Did you buy a Royals Jersey?

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    Haha, I won’t go that far, but I will be in the crowd when the Royals come to town next June to show Gibby some love.

    And, much like my man Gibby, if J.P. were to lose his job, he’d get another one as well. That bet I made with your friend is money in the bank. I guess I’ll have to wait at least another year to cash it, though, since J.P. is coming back.

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    Do you have something against John Gibbons or something? I think he’s pretty good.

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    torontosportsmedia12 years ago

    I think he is awesome!