Ian Winwood is a Wanker

I am not going to go into just how stupid the article is, but ,y response to his opening paragraph is this

First his:

“The one time I visited Toronto, the first things I did were what I always do when I’m in North America. I slid the keycard into the door of my hotel room, dropped my bags on the floor, turned on the television and searched through the channels until I found ESPN.While doing this I made a mental note to keep it brief, that way I wouldn’t fall asleep and wake fully clothed, starving, with no idea where I was, wondering why I was watching Nascar. Still, I thought, can’t hurt to have a quick peak, before I pop out and have a look at the city. So I turned on — da na na, da na na — Sports Center, and something struck me: north of the US border, ESPN’s hockey coverage lasts a good deal longer than it does in the US.”


The first time I visited London, I did the same thing I do every time i go to Europe, I got out my french English dictionary, cause the mother tongue, french and I don’t agree. I turned on the télévision and tuned to Eurosport France to catch the soccer game. All i saw was guys drinking warm beer in old pubs playing darts singing lalalalla god save the queen. Man this soccer coverage lasts longer then it does at home.

Listen jackass. If you want to cover a sport in a foreign land, do some homework. Get your facts right and report them accurately. I have no clue whether your bashing of the leafs is right or wrong, you lost me after the first paragraph. Do us both a favor, STAY HOME. We have enough problems with lazy journalists here, we don’t need you. If you have a journalist who can actually write, send them over, I will gladly read what they have to write. If you invest a couple of minutes in what you write, I will do the same in reading it.

You can read the wanker here..

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