Remember These Words Leaf Fans

“It shouldn’t. His record is solid over the years, and that’s the record that should decide his suitability.”

Damien Cox October 17, 2008 speaking of the fact that Brian Burke’s Ducks are struggling early this season and as a result, some critics will suggest that he isn’t the stellar gm prospect for the Leafs as many are saying.

Remember this folks, should Burke become Leafs GM as predicted by everyone including my 10 year old dog Harley, We all know what Damien and others will be saying. It is so easy…Burke’s team imploded last year, and his teams’ record this year is/was ______ therefore, he isn’t the right guy…….

We see it almost every week, the John Kerry of Toronto Sports Media flip flops…mark these words down leaf fans, they will be contradicted in the not so distant future.

Read Mr. Kerry here..

As an aside, if I were a Ducks fan, I would blame the team president on the mess that appears to be the Ducks. They have a GM that doesn’t want to be there. Everyone knows it. It’s not that they should release him for his sake, they should for their own credibility. Who wants a guy running their business against his own will….Makes no sense what so ever…

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