If an accountant can make chicken salad out of chicken [email protected]#@$

Amazing what a think perspective is. I watched a good chunk of last nights game and walked away thinking it was pretty good. Great effort, good goaltending, end to end action and a 1-0 loss in a shootout. A couple of years ago that would be a tie. Keeping in mind that this is against a very talented Rangers team, I was pretty impressed. Yet, a gaze through the Toronto area publications and you would think it sucked, or was a total disaster. I don’t know, maybe I live on mars, but man are these guys just plain and simply negative.

The facts remain the same, with the same objectives. Play the kids, learn from the last game and well, um, loose a lot more then you win. Yet you read some of the crap written and man you would think that every night they are supposed to win 6-0. Wilson talked about blocking shots as being a key. It looked like they blocked more last night then in the entire previous season! Schenn and Frogren showed awesome examples of this in the OT. Would it be nice if they could score a few more then 0 goals, of course. Should they have more then a handful of shots in the third period, indeed they should. This team isn’t supposed to do everything right! If they were, guys like Happy Howie wouldn’t pick them to finish dead last!

BTW the little TSM’s season kicked off today. It was a great game with a very lopsided result, however for this team of kids who are playing in their first ever season it was lots of fun…..

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