Please Stop Reporting Non News~Especially about #13

Sir Damien asked his blog readers whether they thought the Star should respond to the 2nd NHL team story that was reported on in the Globe and Mail. My answer to that question can be found in the comments section to his blog.

Having said that, I throw this question out there, until such a time that a certain former captain of the maple leafs who used to wear #13 decides either to officially retire or sign a contract, should the media report on anything that the guy is doing?

I answer that with a resounding NO!

There is another story in the Globe this evening (evening in San Fran, morning in Toronto) that says, this former player has undertaken the first step in a return, namely, he has undergone a physical which shall lead to a regimented workout program before signing on the dotted line somewhere. Yawn, please shoot me! It’s really enough about this guy. I really don’t care what he does with his life every day, to be honest he just isn’t that interesting. I don’t care if he bought skates, hired a trainer, stopped eating carbs or even got his wife pregnant!

On the issue of whether he signs with the Leafs, it’s simple…GOD NO. Things are perfect just the way they are. I have no issues with the standings, or the lack of wins, and to be honest I love that the young guys are getting lots of ice time. Hell look at Stamkos’s ice time in Tampa! So do us all a favor, sign anywhere but Toronto.

It would be really refreshing if the media stopped trying to make stories where there are none. Happy Howie is the king of this. Don’t you love in his latest blog how for the umptenth time he refuses to call this a rebuilding project. Howard, it was kind of funny the first time, but move along…It’s like the hello voice on Seinfeld….it’s gotten very tired very quickly. In this case it’s actually worse. Berger actually (allegedly) chooses which fan email to answer- so, doesn’t that beg the question, if you won’t call it a rebuild, then why answer the questions that do?????? You made your point, marginal at best, enough already.

Did anyone else notice that Marty York suggests in the Metro paper that his sources with the Blue Jays have told him that JP and his management team is toast????? I know a certain reader who wouldn’t be happy with that. Say what you want about Marty, he has been in this business a long time and he has broken his share of stories in the past. No one had Cito coming back and Marty did….No one has JP going anywhere, and well, Marty does….

That’s all from San Fran….Glad you all enjoyed Neil’s blog and comments more to come soon

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