Small Things Go A Long Way…Yzerman Bad Choice For Canada?

“If I don’t do this with Blake, everyone will think there’s no integrity to this,” Wilson said.”

We are only a handful of games in, but the signs of change seem to be coming more noticeable. One thing is clear, Ron Wilson and not his players are in charge of this team. For how many years have we as fans screamed for vets to be benched with nothing ever coming of it. Wilson is trying to change not just the one ice performance, but clearly the culture around the team. It is these things that will matter the most this season, certainly more then wins and losses. What will be key for Wilson, in my opinion anyway, is not to play favorites. So if Schenn, for example starts to have games where his effort is not up to par, as Blake’s, and others have been, Wilson had best escort those players to chateau bow wow too… It is these small things that will lead to a solid foundation being built here.

So, how many times will we read tomorrow “at least the leafs didn’t blow the lead”? Any chance credit will be given where due? I don’t think so either….

Interesting, Tanenbaum summarily dismisses Yzerman as a potential GM candidate and get his ass kicked in the media. Simmons slams the choice of Yzerman as GM of Team Canada:

“So now, it is Yzerman in charge for 2010. As it was Wayne Gretzky, who still has not made the playoffs as an NHL coach and executive, in 2002 and 2006. Before that, it was Bobby Clarke in charge, a general manager who knocked on a lot of NHL doors but never banged the big one down. While you or I or just about anyone could put the right 20 players together to form a Team Canada lineup for 2010, that is just a small part of what the executive director needs to do here. There is the hiring of coach and staff. There is the way in which you choose to present your team as the main attraction of the 2010 Games. There is so much more to the planning — as Jerry Colangelo, who just finished off with gold in basketball in Beijing will attest — beginning with a strategic plan.That’s what executives with experience can do. People always point to Gretzky’s success winning gold in 2002 as a hallmark victory for Canada. It was. But upon further inspection, look at what really happened: Canada had a rather ordinary round-robin, a goaltending controversy and a loss to Sweden. The team got better as the tournament went on — but was truly fortunate when Sweden lost to Belarus, creating a huge mismatch in Canada’s semifinal. Canada played an extraordinary game to win gold — one extraordinary game in the whole tournament.”

discuss amongst yourselves……

Simmons can be found here

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