Beeston=Comfort food

I don’t know why, but news that Paul Beeston is driving the negotiation bus with AJ Burnett makes me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable then when JP was in charge. One has to wonder if yesterday’s signing (of a Canadian player) signals a change in philosophy to the jays of old, the media certainly seem to think so….

In any event, there is no guarantee that Burnet will resign here but I like our odds a lot more with Beeston in charge.


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    Who cares if the Jays sign a Canadian player? Why does the player’s nationality matter one bit? The only criteria that matters is: does he make the team/organization better?

    He could be from Mars and it wouldn’t matter to me. This whole notion of Toronto signing Cdn players because we play in Canada is ridiculous.

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    torontosportsmedia12 years ago

    i don’t disagree, but folks in this country for whatever reason care…The notion is that if there is a Canadian players out there, he should play for the blue jays.