Isiah Thomas- He Is What He Is

A bird can’t change his feathers. The once phenomenal athlete’s downward spiral continues in the most bizarre incident he has encountered since leaving the court as a player. Thomas left the Detroit Pistons as a player years ago and allegedly shocked the organization by declaring that he was going to run the team when he announced his retirement despite never talking about it with ownership or management. As we all know, he took over the Raptors and didn’t last very long here either. Ever since his career has been, well, not nearly as impressive as his playing days for sure. He is certainly a failed executive. He was a good coach, who couldn’t stand being just the coach. He has since been removed from the game.

On the personal side he looked pretty bad when his former admin sued his team, the Knicks for harassment. His reputation for being a “womanizer” is legendary. Now, is it possible that he threw his daughter under the bus? Word from the NY authorities is that a 47 year old man was taken to hospital for an apparent sleeping pill overdose (1o Lunesta’s is certainly not an error one would make). Thomas is however claiming it wasn’t him that needed attending to, rather it was his 17 year old daughter. Someone is lying. Color me crazy, but I am going to bet against Isiah this time. Doesn’t sound like the media is buying Isiah’s story either. The official word is that Isiah couldn’t sleep so he took 2 pills, those 2 didn’t work so he continued to up the dosage until, well, he had 10 in him!

A friend once described Isiah as a duck. On the surface, all is still, he sits, he smiles and he does and says all the right things. However, under the water he is kicking like hell, stirring up a mess, while no one can see. Doesn’t sound to me like much has changed.

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