Thoights After Beating The Sens

Very nice night for Wilson’s boys. Here’s a couple of thoughts/ predictions on what we should expect to read/hear tomorrow:

1. 5 points in the last 6 games, they are going to blow a high draft pick…

2. Frogren, Carlo and White sitting out, Cliff has to deal one of his D

3. Wow Schenn fighting Neil what a great kid

4. Schenn fighting Neil, where’s the leadership on this team??

5. Wow 2 in a row, that means 2 games they didn’t choke in the third period

6. These don’t mean anything Leaf fans. Fans are so delusional they are already planning the stanley cup parade route…

Did I miss anything???

In all seriousness, good on the buds…looked good tonight, and I don’t care how bad a spin the Sens are in, a win is a win

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