Jason Blake Just Doesn’t Get It

So he didn’t think Paul Maurice gave him a fair shake. What does he do, het gets benched. First time in 9 years he sits. One would think he would be smart enough to know how to handle it…:

“”I don’t know if it was effective,” he said of the Boston benching. “I guess it wakes a person up, though.”

Are you an idiot Blake. Your coach, 2nd in 2 years, just benched you, then he puts you back and you make a moronic comment like that. Here is a word of wisdom, “No comment.” Why he would say something that could potentially piss Wilson off is nothing short of amazing.

“”I wasn’t one bit mad at him,” claims Blake, for whom life has been anything but peachy since arriving in town as a touted free agent, fresh off a 40-goal season on the Island.”I was mad at myself because I’m the type of guy who wants to play every shift, every critical situation.”

Ummm, you should be mad at yourself. The same way you should be embarrassed every time you get your paycheck.

“What Jason’s got to do is go hard to the front of the net, use his speed outside and take the puck to the net. When he plays on the perimeter, he’s not very effective.”

In other words, don’t float! Amazing that the guy still talks glowingly of playing with Yashin. He had lots of success playing with Yashin. Perhaps he should pack his bags and go join him in the KHL.

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