More On Isiah Thomas

More on the overdose story, it really is a sad story:

“In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Basketball Hall of Famer was found sprawled unconscious on the kitchen floor of his mansion in Purchase, Westchester County. Just days before, the team released its 2008-09 media guide, which gives recognition to every team towel boy and hanger-on, but doesn’t mention Thomas.”

Strange move indeed by the Knicks to leave Isiah out of the media guide, he was GM and head coach, so no matter whether they remove him from the book or not, they can’t remove that from their history.

” Hours later, at about midnight Friday, the frustrated and overwrought Thomas started taking Lunesta sleeping pills, sources said, downing roughly 10.Harrison Police Chief David Hall, taking care not to use Thomas’ name, yesterday gave the first detailed account of what his officers saw when they arrived at Thomas’ home Friday.A man, identified by sources as Thomas, was found lying on the kitchen floor. There were two other people present. He was unconscious when rescue workers arrived and he was still passed out as he was taken by ambulance to White Plains Hospital Center.”

The only word that comes to my mind is sad….

“Shunned and isolated, he’s spent the days since his April demotion losing himself on the golf course, which Chuck Daly, his former coach when he starred for the Detroit Pistons, said had become an “addiction.”

Golf an addiction? There certainly are worse things to be addicted to then golf….

” Regarding Friday’s incident, Thomas insisted in an exclusive interview Friday with The Post that nothing happened to him. Instead, he said it was his daughter who was having a medical issue and that it “wasn’t an overdose.”

As I wrote yesterday, 2 things of concern, the apparent lie and worse blaming his daughter…

“But Hall yesterday insisted: “He’s trying to cover it all up. He’s not telling the truth.” “It was a 47-year-old black man [taken from the home],” he added. “It wasn’t a female. My cops aren’t stupid.”
“It wasn’t his daughter,” Hall said. “And why they’re throwing her under the bus is beyond my ability to understand.”These people should learn something from Richard Nixon – it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.”

Exactly. (and I love the throwing the under the bus quote!) Let’s hope this guy gets the help he needs soon, because he won’t get back in to the NBA without it.

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