David Frost Meet George Costanza

I am sorry, the David Frost issue is, in a word, pathetic.  For a million different reasons, Frost is everything that is wrong with hockey.  In any event, his trial today broght some much needed levity to the case..

“Former NHL agent David Frost was involved in a threesome with one of his players and the player’s then-girlfriend, a court heard Monday. Kristy Boyer, now 28, testified she had three-way sex with her then-boyfriend and Frost in January 1997, when Mr. Frost coached the Quinte Hawks. Ms. Boyer said the issue of a threesome arose with her boyfriend after she heard that other girls had been involved in similar sexual activity at the hotel where Mr. Frost lived with some of his players. Ms. Boyer said she was new to sex at the time and was persuaded into the activity.”

I say it again, to the people he harmed, I am sorry.  Reading this clip though does remind me of that great episode of Seinfeld where Geroge gets fired for having sex with the cleaning lady at his office:

“Was that wrong?  Because if it was, I had no idea”

One can only assume that Frost had a similar defence when he was charged with his offenses. Good news for him is that it sounds like he is well experienced for where he is going next!

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