Hanky’s Back, Apendix??? More Like Lobotomy

Back from having his appendix out, nothing has changed in Hanky Land (except that I am hearing strong rumors of his intent/desire to sell hankybuzz.com)

Has anyone suggested, or heard a thought that says Cliff is out there trying to deal Kaberle right now? Didn’t think so. The one thing I have read is from Hanky writer Happy Howie Berger that Kaberle probably regrets not waiving it last year and likely would this year at the deadline. Which, I happen to think is true.

Meanwhile in Hankyland we get:

“On Kaberle being moved from the Leafs…

Just say No. It will not happen. As of now, there is no way he is waiving. Things can change, but know this: As much as it took to get McCabe to accept a deal, it will take ten times that to get Kaberle to accept one. He wants to retire a Leaf plain and simple. He will either re-sign in Toronto or play in Sweden I am told, but he will not be a rental. Not in his blood at all.”

Of all the dumb shit this guy writes, this may take the case. Sorry, the leafs trading for Jay Bouwmeester, that was dumbest thing ever. In any even this is way up the list. He may want to retire a leaf, but should the buds not make the playoffs, as expected this year, his NTC is temporarily gone, and I would be wiling to bet so will he. As for the not in his blood… A certain former captain that used to wear #13 for the Leafs said the same thing. Yet, people a hell of a lot smarter then me, one, who’s name rhymes with “girdle” has the Rent A Sundin sign out for the whole world to see…. Look, all joking aside. Why are we talking about this on October 27th? He isn’t being traded now, he isn’t being asked to waive his no trade now. So if you are trying to drum up leaf news to boost your UV’s to increase value for the sale of hankybuzz, try something moderately on the plausible side…

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