Mount Howie Spews Off Yet Again

I think Howard Berger is suffering another one of his “stomach issues”.  There is no other way to explain the amount of shit coming off his fingers.  His most recent blog is almost word for word a copy of Damien’s, with the exception of a few turds:

“Truth be known, Schenn has been steady beyond initial expectation, but hardly the Chris Pronger-in-waiting the Leafs are portraying him as.”

The question, oh king of 10 point words is whether he is the next Scott Steven’s you predicted, not Chris Pronger!

“Statistics show him without a point in eight games and a minus-3 in even-strength situations.”

Thanks Damien….

“He has displayed a willingness to stick up for his teammates, as he did Matt Stajan in the opening minute of Saturday’s victory over Ottawa when he challenged veteran roughneck Chris Neil. This had coach Ron Wilson gushing with praise after the game, but it overlooked that Schenn was clobbered in the fight, and that the Leafs would rather their defensemen not spend excessive time in the penalty box.”

What a fucking joke.  This is the exact reason leaf fans hate Howard Berger.  Berger has complained for years that this team didn’t have the type of guys who stick up for each other.  He mocked numerous players for not coming to the aide of teammates.  Here a guy does it and you actually have the balls to dump on him for it.  What’s worse, you have the nerve to shit on Schenn for losing to Chris Neil???  Howie, go back to your inlaws in California where you go for vacation, but this time stay.  The Ducks need another beat writer.  You’d be perfect.

“Separating doctrine from reality, of course, has forever been a challenge in the Kool-Aid capital of the hockey universe, where 90% of the media and 98% of the fan-base swallows anything the Maple Leafs propagate.”

Damien, that you again???  What is this media dump on media day????

Seriously Howard, the game has passed you bye, retire.  All the stress of Pat Quinn not coming out to talk to the media on deadline day has gotten to your head.  Do us all a favor and go home, better yet go west, you can do far less harm there…

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