Loose Leafs- Farber takes a jab

Good to hear that the Leafs are a loose bunch:

“The jokes are usually about the Toronto Maple Leafs, not during the Maple Leafs’ practices. But in the first month of the season, there has been a considerable dose of old-fashioned hockey tomfoolery on a team that looked like it would be laughed at and not laughed with. Twice, so far, Leafs players have sawed coach Ron Wilson‘s stick so it broke when he tried to shoot a puck. They upped the ante on Monday, stealing the pea from the coach’s whistle and stuffing the aperture. Wilson asked assistant Tim Hunter, standing nearby on the ice, to blow his whistle and feigned that nothing was amiss, but the coach is plotting his revenge.”Payback is sweet,” Wilson laughingly said Monday afternoon. “What I really like about this is that some of the European guys have been a part of this. You don’t get that on some teams, but here they’re right in it, part of the group. I like a team that has fun, that’s vocal, that’s enthusiastic. You don’t want a team of robots. Sometimes the weight of expectations squelches the excitement on some teams, but here there weren’t any.”

That is good.  We only hear what a dry sarcastic guy Wilson is, it’s good to hear that the guys are having some fun….

Of course Farber can’t write an article without taking a shot though…..

“The Maple Leafs have had a creditable start. Let’s see if there is any sophomoric slump.”

Sophomoric??? This isn’t the 2nd year, 2nd month maybe, but man………give it a rest….I could deal with, lets see if it lasts….

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