Tuesday With Damien….

So yesterday he slammed the Leafs for being shortsighted with respect to the cap in keeping Luke Schenn around.  Today he takes on tonight’s leaf opponent the Tampa Bay Lightning.  What’s strange is that he preaches patience with Stamkos and makes all kinds of suggestions about what the Bolts should and shouldn’t do, yet he never once mentions how a team with Martin St. Louis (the pride of my alma matter, the University of Vermont) and almost Maple Leaf Vincent LeCavalier in addition to other high priced talent the cap implications of keeping Stamkos around.

Why raise this issue? Damien likes to ask his readers questions.  Furthermore he labels us, for lack of better word as stupid, delusional and angry.  The reality is we notice his inconcsistancies all the time.  The reality is we paint him with the negative brush becuase, bombshell here, he is.

You can read sir Damien here

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