Batlle For Toronto Sports Fan

Pretty funny listening to the Fan and Talk 640 duke it out these days. Kudos to 640 for great numbers in their most recent books, giving 590 a run for their money…

Anyone else catch Brady and Wilbur ragging on Happy Howie for blowing the Cujo will be in net for the Buds tonight? Funny shit. With Brady heading up 640 sports let’s hope we get better and more sports from 640….

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The Meatriarchy
October 30, 2008 7:32 am

Is there a link to those ratings numbers? Would love to see how bad 640 is eating into the fan’s audience.

October 30, 2008 10:04 am

“In Toronto, the Bill Watters Show on AM640 competes head to head for afternoon sports listeners against Bob McCown on The Fan 590.

Both shows experienced decreases in the male 25-to-54 market share from a year ago. McCown dropped to 7.0 from 9.7, and Watters went to 1.9 from 2.7.

In the noon-hour slot, AM640 continues to do well with Leafs Lunch, even during the summer months. Its share climbed to 3.6 from 3.4 a year ago. The Fan 590’s Hockey Central, in the same time slot, had a 2.6, down a point from 3.6.”

The reality is the Fan has a huge headstart on Wilbur, and you know how I LOVE Wilbur. DD on the lunch hour is going to be a huge improvement. Also, 640 doesn’t do sports all day (some would argue the neither does the fan with Hogan and Toth 🙂 )

With Brady taking over the Sports director role at 640…lets see what happens….Rest assured the folks at the fan where happier sans 640 then they are with it…

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