Blue Jays Media Care More About Canadian Content

Every time I have written (or anyone else for that matter) about the Jays adding a Canadian body to the squad it seems that Jay Fan could care less.  In fact, I am now certain that it is Jay Media that seems to care more then that fan…. case in point:

“The reason we should care about the signing is that Adam Loewen is a Canadian and the Jays should be commended for signing him as a released free agent by the Orioles and giving him a chance to pull off his dream of a Rick Ankiel type conversion. Loewen as a teenage amateur player in B.C. was a good enough hitter to play a position and hit as a professional but his major-league future lay in his strong left arm. It won’t be easy now and the smart money is betting against him ever even reaching Triple-A as a hitter, but people doubted Ankiel, as well. Elite athletes are elite athletes. Nothing should surprise. It’s a good story for the Jays, Canadian baseball fans and young Canadian players looking for role models.”

I raise this issue because it is the rare instance where the media (Griffin, Blair and Elliott- the only three that really count) are the ones banging the drum on an issue while the fans are busy yawning…. We don’t see this very often in sports….

Griffin, as often is the case has a few gems in his blog:

The worst thing that can happen to Ricciardi with his major league roster is for him to believe he can compete with Joe Inglett and Marco Scutaro as everyday players and with either Travis Snider or Adam Lind as the full-time DH. Every competitive team will make changes this winter to improve.

The Jays by standing still would be taking a step backwards. Ricciardi does not have a clear vision of his 2010 team, otherwise he could pinpoint a couple of his top prospects in redundant areas and trade them for major-league help. But his biggest fear is that he makes a deal and one of his draft choices becomes a star for someone else while the guy that he gets sucks. That’s why he prefers signing released free agents, because all it costs him is money and if the guy is terrible, you just release him again.”

you can read Griffin’s last mailbag for about a month here

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